Friday, 28 August 2009

The Ultimate WoW Guide Review

Reviewer: Brian Benson

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Website Reviewed:

I have no doubt that anyone who purchases the Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide will find exactly what they are looking for inside. It is utterly comprehensive and covers every aspect of playing World of Warcraft that I can think of (leveling 1-70, no matter what side you are on, gold secrets, profession guides and more). In fact, when I logged in and downloaded the first guide in the members area quite frankly it contained what a lot of other WoW guides sell as their entire product. Yet this first guide (for beginners) is scarcely 5% of what is contained in this mega site.
The Ultimate WoW Guide members area have guides inside that cover everything in detail that you could possibly need to know in order to master WoW, from beginners to beyond advanced.
Why buy dozens of other WoW guides when this one has EVERYTHING you need to know in one place? And it is kept well up to date by a player who plays for a minimum of 5 hours every day.

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Here's a rundown of what is inside the members area of The Ultimate WoW guide:
1 - 70 Horde Leveling Guide
1 - 70 Alliance Leveling Guide
Power Level 30-60 Grinding Method
Burning Crusade 60-70 Leveling Guide
Power level Profession Guides
Gold Farming Guide
Alchemy 1-375
Cooking 1-375
Engineering 1-375
Herbalism 1-375
Leatherworking 1-375
Lockpicking 1-350
Tailoring 1-375
Blacksmithing 1-375
Enchanting 1-375
First Aid 1-375
Jewelcrafting 1-375
Mining 1-375
Skinning 1-375
Profession Trainers List
TBC Bind on Pick-up Recipes
Vendor Recipes
Faction Recipes Rewards
Beginner Gold Guide
Earning for your Level 40 Mount for level 1-40
Auction House Strategies
Auctioneer Video Tutorial - 300g/hour
Level 70 Farming Spots 120-180g/hour
Aldor and Scryers up to 160g/hour
Motes Farming up to 130g/hour
Daily Quest Guide v2.4
Other Articles
Level 70 Attunements Guide
2.0 Combat Rating System Explanation
Safe Way to Buy WoW Gold and Accounts
Burning Crusade: Level 60-70 Class Guides and Instance Loot List:
Pre-TBC Level 10-60 Instance Loot List:
And there are even more separate articles inside on secret topics that interested the creator of this amazing website.
My advice is that if you truly want to be a master of World of Warcraft, or even if you just want to level faster or get more gold quicker, then this is the site that you should join.

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